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Hello Coach!

My name is Liam Flynn and I am a basketball coach and coach educator from Australia.

My most recent stop was as the Assistant Coach with Hapoel Jerusalem, who compete in the Basketball Champions League and the Israel Winner League. You can learn about who I am and what I do on my website:

Australia has been a hot bed of college basketball talent. One of the emerging markets for players from ‘Down Under’ is South Australia (SA), which has experienced a historic boom in players hitting the college ranks for over a decade.

My CLF college scouting service is the only subscription that focuses on South Australian players and gives you unparalleled information on them.

The cost to subscribe is a $150USD. The subscription is effective up to May 31st 2021. You can purchase it by clicking here.

For this small investment you'll receive full game footage, highlights, player interviews, as well as, an information packet with player’s particulars, anthropometry (wing span, height etc.), shooting testing results, answers to key questions (goals and aspirations etc), contact info and athletic testing results. We'll also update you regularly with information on the players' achievements, current level of interest they are receiving, along with, recent game footage.

Included in the subscription to the CLF college scouting service is access to the video from my CLF Hoops Showcase, a one of its kind annual combine featuring the top high school prospects in South Australia.

Last year’s 2020 athletes have committed to a range of colleges already – NCAA D2, NAIA, Juco. We are confident this year’s participants are at an even higher level- including some high major D1 prospects.

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