Team Consulting and Analysis

Want to find out areas on where your team can improve? Or how to structure your basketball club, department, coaching staff better? Coach Liam Flynn has worked in basketball programs of all types over his career. Let Liam take a peak under the bonnet of your club and give you a detailed analysis of your operations.

Services include:

  • Helping with hiring basketball Staff,
  • Evaluation of Team performance,
  • Building an offensive and defensive system,
  • Incorporate Analytics into your coaching philosophy,
  • How to construct a High Performance Unit.

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"Liam's work ethic and immense knowledge of the sport is second to none in this industry. His ability to seamlessly integrate traditional scouting with advanced analytics offers digestible information to all areas of a basketball organisation."

Jake Loos, Senior Analytics Manager, Phoenix Suns.

"Coach Liam Flynn did a great job putting together a custom package of drills and progressions that will help us to improve individual skills and decision making as well as in our team ball-screen actions and spacing. I would recommend him to any coach looking for tactical help for their program!"

Parker Regan - Head Coach, Women’s Basketball, University of King’s College, Canada.