With 24 years of professional coaching experience - from the professional leagues in Germany, to the National Leagues in Australia and New Zealand; all the way down to coaching U/10 players in the suburbs of Brisbane. Let Coach Liam Flynn help your basketball organisation reach its full potential.

Coach and Player Education Videos

Offensive Concepts


From a clinic in Melbourne, Australia; over an hour in duration.

  • General Coaching philosophy
  • Skill Development Drills
  • Getting more “Drill out of the Drill”
  • Pick and Roll concepts and break down drills
  • Receiver Principles
  • Breakdown drills

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Individual Defence


The ability to guard the ball and put pressure on your opponent individually is the premium skill on defence.

  • “Position Pressure”
  • Breakdown drills
  • Full court defence
  • Guarding the ball on the perimeter
  • Closing out drills

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Pick and Roll Offence


Playing offence to create advantages (not just creating a shot).

  • Setting up defenders
  • Reads I teach against
  • Different defence coverages
  • How all five players react off the ball

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Mike Longabardi


NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Assistant Coach Mike Longabardi’s coaching clinics in Australia from June/July 2018. 2.5 hours total!

  • Pick and Roll Offence
  • Set plays for Special Situations
  • Transition Defence
  • Half Court Defense

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Latest Videos:

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New: Pick and Roll Offence:
In this video I explain the concept of playing offence to create advantages (not just creating a shot) and we use the Mid Pick and Roll as the method for creating these advantages. Specifically, I detail the way I teach players to set up their defender prior to the pick and roll, the reads I teach against different defences coverage, and how all five players react off the ball before and after the screen.

New: Individual Defence:
In this video, I describe my personal philosophy on individual defence (which I call “Position Pressure”) and explain my key teaching points in this area. You’ll also see some of my favourite breakdown drills for guarding the ball in various situations – full court defence, guarding the ball on the perimeter and closing out drills.

A brief version of Liam's resume is below: