With 24 years of professional coaching experience - from the professional leagues in Germany, to the National Leagues in Australia and New Zealand; all the way down to coaching U/10 players in the suburbs of Brisbane. Let Coach Liam Flynn help your basketball organisation reach its full potential.

Coach Mike Longabardi Australia Tour Videos

The videos from NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Assistant Coach Mike Longabardi’s coaching clinics in Australia from June/July 2018 are now ready for viewing.

Coach Mike Longabardi is a veteran of the NBA with over fifteen years coaching experience. He has won two NBA championships - in 2016 as the Assistant Coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and in 2008 as an Assistant Coach of the Boston Celtics.

Both of Coach Mike Longabardi's clinics in Adelaide, South Australia were filmed and can be purchased as one video package for AUD $20. There are over two and a half hours of high quality content on various topics, including Pick and Roll Offence, Set plays for Special Situations, Transition Defence and Half Court Defense.

To purchase and view the clinics, go to https://video.statetech.com.au/

Video Previews

Coach Liam Flynn - Offensive Concepts video

This video is from a clinic I conducted at the Werribee Basketball Association in Melbourne, Australia. The video is over an hour in duration and features the following topics: General Coaching philosophy, Skill Development Drills, Getting more “Drill out of the Drill”, Pick and Roll concepts and break down drills, Receiver Principles and breakdown drills. See examples below.

The video is available for AU $10.

To purchase and view, go to https://video.statetech.com.au/

A brief version of Liam's resume is below: