Player Development

A passionate developer of talent, Coach Liam Flynn has helped players with NBA, European, Olympic and NBL Experience reach their full potential.

Player workouts can be in an individual or small group setting. They can be position based (Point Guards, Wings, "Stretch" Bigs, Post Bigs), or Experienced based (Professional athlete, Elite Junior, Developing Player)

Training sessions can be in the form of Camps, Multi week Academy or one off clinic formats

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"Liam's workouts are a great combination of fitness and basketball, not only the offensive end, but just as importantly, the defensive end. Liam plans well rounded workouts which he passionately leads."

Brad Newley, Member of the Australian National Men's Basketball Team, Two Time Olympian, Ten Year Career in Europe - Turkey, Spain, Greece, Lithuania

"Liam is an excellent communicator at a day-to-day level. The individual workouts are precise and game-like and are always changing. The respect of the players towards him is obvious."

Mika Vukona, Five-time NBL Championship Winner, Captain New Zealand National Team, Auckland New Zealand.

"As a player, I found Coach Flynn's individual workouts extremely helpful. He puts the players in game-like situations, where we work on a variety of different moves, shots, and finishes around the baskets. He teaches detail, and helps players make little adjustments that help them make the extra step"

TJ DiLeo, professional basketball player, Telekom Baskets Bonn (Eurocup, German BBL).